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Making change happen


The world changes, the economy changes, markets change and of course do people change. It’s therefore not surprising that what I did through the years changed too. Funnily enough, this helped me to see the essence of my work more clearly. That is to make change happen. Change that turns brands into friends and builds relationships with customers and leads. Change that helps companies confront their main challenges and brings their organisation and infrastructure to the next level.

A couple of years ago I developed my own little framework for making change happen. It is applicable to everything I did, do and – probably – will do. The framework guides me in my work and professional discussions.

In the centre is a problem or challenge. If I’m lucky, the client has a clear understanding of this challenge. But sometimes we have to dig deeper and define it together. Then we look for insights that are relevant to the challenge. We can look for them on a personal, organisational or market level. We also have to list conditions in the sector or the organization. Should we treat them as constraints or challenge them?

Based on the nature of the challenge we propose the best approach to make the change happen. How agile can or should we be? Simultaneously we organize feedback on the quality of the result. These building blocks create a solid base to plan and implement the most effective tactics that result in changes in the intended direction.

Lead or create but always deliver

That is how I help companies and organisations to make strides. Large strides or smaller ones. It depends on their needs and ambitions. I have helped organisations by leading, with strategies and plans. And by creating platforms or executing programs. In all cases, I make sure I can deliver relevant added value and tangible results.

This is summarized in my motto ‘to lead create deliver’. When I started I incorporated it in my company’s name, 2LCD Projects. It gave me a natural moment to explain my roles in relation to my clients. But the name didn’t have a strong link to me.

That’s why I started using DoubleUK as a name, which has a natural link to me, WK. That’s all. The rest hasn’t changed. 🙂

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