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Nice to meet you. I am Double-u K, WK or

Wim Krol

I help companies – mainly in B2B –

with marketing, sales and service

and their support by technology.

Helping businesses make strides

My mission

I help companies reach the next level in marketing, sales and customer service.
I do that by giving direction with strategy and plans and the management of programs and projects.
Always focused on the delivery of concrete results and added value.

Marketing Consultancy

I’m a marketer helping businesses with campaign, lead and relationship management. I concentrate on B2B where I consider that a strategic focus on reputation, relationships and revenue delivers the best value.

Project Management

I'm an all-round manager of projects with substantial experience in the domains of marketing, sales and ICT. I’m trained in common project management methods and agile practices.

Add value

About me

In the first part of my career, I worked for communication and advertising agencies with a strong focus on branding in B2C. I switched to relationship marketing agencies, stood at the cradle of the first online agencies and serviced a mix of B2C- and B2B-clients with strategies and campaigns.

I started my own business in 2001, offering consultancy, project and interim management. I concentrated on companies in B2B and other organizations with a complex network of relationships. Assignments became more and more infrastructure-related (primarily Microsoft Dynamics 365) and project-based, with room for agile approaches, like scrum.

I am trained and certified in project management (Prince2 Practitioner), the application of agile practices within projects (Prince2 Agile Practitioner) and product ownership (Professional Scrum Product Owner I).

I am an all-round manager with strong focus on added value to organisations and their environment. As business consultant/project manager/product owner I consider the sometimes-different demands and interests of stakeholders. In implementation I focus on an optimal user experience and the embedding in the organisation.

I’m being characterized as stress resistant and someone who completes complex projects with tangible results. I enjoy being seen as a committed builder of bridges within organizations and relate that trait to my broad interest in people, organisations, and markets.

Making change happen


Turn brands into friends. Strengthen relationships with customers. Build new ones with prospects. Bring organisation and infrastructure to the next level. Even though my focus developed over the years, the essence of my work always remained to make change happen. 

Learn more about my approach to create enduring change.

Contact ME

Let's talk about your challenge

Would you like get to know me, want more information or do you have a question?You can reach me by e-mail wkrol(at) or telephone +31 6 27 03 07 03 or use this form to send a message.